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5 Top Parenting and Co-Parenting Apps for Separating Couples

5 Top Parenting and Co-Parenting Apps for Separating Couples

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While Family Mediation serves as a solid platform for divorcing or separating couples to collaborate on Child Arrangements, the journey of co-parenting will inevitably extend beyond the mediation room long term.

As a family mediation firm, Mediate UK, are committed to help understanding and cooperation during challenging times. We recognise the unique needs of divorcing or separating couples. The digital age has brought forward a variety of tools designed to ease the complexities of co-parenting. In this blog, we explore 5 of the top parenting and co-parenting apps available, each offering distinct features to support separating couples on their journey toward effective co-parenting.

  1. OurFamilyWizard: A Central Hub for Co-Parenting Coordination

Our Family Wizard - App LogoKey Features:

  • Shared calendar for scheduling parenting time, activities and appointments.
  • Expense tracking and reimbursement request features for financial transparency.
  • Secure messaging and document storage for clear communication.


How It Helps

OurFamilyWizard acts as a centralised platform, minimising misunderstandings and fostering transparent communication between co-parents. The shared calendar ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding parenting schedules, reducing the potential for conflicts.

  1. TalkingParents: Eliminating Ambiguity in Co-Parenting Communication

Talking Parents App LogiKey Features:

  • Secure messaging platform with a detailed record of conversations.
  • Shared calendar for scheduling parenting time and events.
  • Accessible communication for third-party professionals, if needed.


How It Helps

TalkingParents places a strong emphasis on clear communication by providing a detailed record of messages. This transparency not only reduces ambiguity but also serves as a reliable documentation tool that can be useful in legal proceedings if required. 

  1. 2houses: Simplifying Co-Parenting Logistics

2 Houses App LogoKey Features:

  • Shared calendar with color-coded events for easy reference.
  • Expense tracking and reimbursement management for financial clarity.
  • Journal feature for documenting important information and milestones.


How It Helps

2houses streamlines the logistics of co-parenting, providing a visual and organised platform for scheduling and financial matters. The journal feature offers a private space for parents to share updates, reducing the need for direct communication on sensitive topics.

  1. AppClose: A User-Friendly Co-Parenting Solution

AppClose App LogoKey Features:

  • Shared calendar with color-coded events for easy organization.
  • Expense tracking and reimbursement tools for financial transparency.
  • Chat feature for real-time communication between co-parents.


How It Helps

AppClose stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for parents who may be new to co-parenting apps. The chat feature enables direct communication, fostering a sense of immediacy for important discussions while maintaining an organised calendar for planning.

  1. Fayr: Fair Co-Parenting Solutions

Fayr App LogoKey Features:

  • Shared calendar for coordinating parenting schedules and activities.
  • Expense tracking with receipt uploads for financial transparency.
  • In-app messaging for direct communication between co-parents.


How It Helps

Fayr streamlines co-parenting logistics, emphasising fairness and transparency. The shared calendar and expense tracking features reduce misunderstandings, promoting a collaborative approach to parenting responsibilities.


Apps designed for co-parenting not only assist in the initial stages of creating schedules and communication plans but also offer sustainable solutions for managing shared responsibilities over the years.  At Mediate UK, we encourage our clients to explore these tools, recognising their potential to help the co-parenting experience.  In combination with family mediation, these resources contribute to the creation of a stable and supportive parenting plan, promoting a positive co-parenting experience well into the future.

By offering centralised platforms for communication, scheduling and financial transparency, these apps help promote a healthier and more collaborative approach for the benefit of the children involved, not to mention the stress levels of the parents.

Mediate UK does not endorse any of these apps but we have included them here based on our clients’ feedback.



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