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    About Birmingham Family Mediation

    Our meetings are conducted at Bruntwood’s historic Cornwall Buildings in Birmingham.  The beautiful contemporary interior offers a comfortable space for your Mediation meetings and is a 5-minute walk from the Snow Hill train station.

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    Cornwall Buildings

    45 Newhall Street


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    Opening hours:

    Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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    MediateUK Birmingham office mediation branch

    Birmingham Directions and Information

    Payments accepted: Card or Bank transfer. Please note our mediators cannot accept cash payments.

    Nearest Train Station: Snow Hill (5min Walk)

    Wifi: Yes.

    Reception Area: Yes.

    Waiting area: Yes, in reception.

    Shuttle Mediation Possible: No. Online Only

    Café on site: No.  The nearest Café is Knights Independent Coffee House, only a 1-minute walk away.

    Parking: There is no Onsite Parking, the nearest parking is the NCP Car Park on New Hall Street. Only a 7-Min walk.

    Our Birmingham Mediators

    Emily Dobson

    Mediate UK Emily Dobson Mediator

    Accreditation: WTA

    Membership: College of Mediators

    I began my career in the media (with a paper round). I have a history undergraduate degree and master’s degree in international political economy both from Kings College University and prior to working as a Family Mediator I worked in headhunting both in financial services and the global mining industry.

    Why did you want to become a family mediator?
    I knew little of mediation before I trained as a family mediator and my knowledge of it was mostly around disputes in the workplace. However, it was through hearing the lived experiences of those close to me who had faced the challenges of the court process and the lasting impact it had on their lives that I learnt more about the value and need of mediation for families. I feel very passionately that the principles are an absolute force for good and can achieve life changing results, I wanted to be a part of that.
    What do you most like about family mediation?
    Clients come to mediation at their most vulnerable. They face a scary, daunting and uncertain future ahead and, in a lot of cases, talking to me is the first time they have really been able to express this. Without doubt, it is helping them realise that there is a route through and alleviating some of the concerns that have been consuming them. When a successful solution comes together and seeing my clients feel positive rather than fearful about their future is undoubtedly the most rewarding experience, I have been able to enjoy in my career to date.
    What is the most difficult mediation situation that you have dealt with?
    It is always difficult when conflict has reached such a point that the child’s/children’s voice in the decision-making process has fallen far back from front and centre, and this happens all too often. In many ways, I can understand how this can happen and I am empathetic to that, if I feel that resentment is taking over from creating a workable plan for the children, I always bring their voice back into the room because, ultimately, both parents want what is best for their children and reminding them of that often renews their ambition to work together.
    What do you enjoy most about working with Mediate UK?
    Mediate UK has a dedicated team of office staff and mediators who are all genuinely passionate about family mediation. This network is an excellent way for us to share our ideas, challenges and questions about our industry and day to day experiences at work. Some days can throw you a curveball and new challenges arise frequently, but we put our heads together as a group, each drawing on our different expertise and find solutions. This is uniquely invaluable when working in this sector.
    Five facts about me:
    1. I am passionate about music and have tried to learn pretty much all instruments from the harp to the cello and many others in between.
    2. I am a first-time dog mum to a gorgeous fox red Labrador who is slowly working her way through all my furniture. Caution: asking me about her may cause a lengthy off tangent monologue!
    3. I grew up in Devon and know of nothing more invigorating than swimming in the sea, I will and do swim whatever the weather. When I'm not near sea I will find my local lido to take a dip in.
    4. My mum used to work for David Bowie and both my parents are lifelong musicians.
    5. I am passionately interested in politics and current affairs which can make me quite unpopular at a party.

    Read our reviews

    My mediator adopted a professional but warm approach to our discussion. I felt that I was being listened to and that the outcome would be a considered and fair one. Many thanks.

    I was very impressed from start to finish with the process. The ring back when I first enquired was quick and efficient and a slot was booked quickly. The mediator was very thorough and asked relevant questions and explained the process clearly to me. The follow up was also very quick. I got good value for money and was very pleased with the service I received.

    Really helpful in facilitating difficult conversations and tackling hard issues.

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