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Do I need a MIAM?


Are you thinking of filing for a court application in a family matter such as divorce, child arrangements or financial disputes? Then, you may need to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

A MIAM is a requirement for anyone considering filing for a court application in a family matter. It provides an opportunity to explore the possibility of resolving the issue through mediation rather than going through the court process. Although it’s not mandatory to reach an agreement through mediation, it’s mandatory to attend a MIAM before filing your application (except in certain exceptional circumstances).

Not sure if you need a MIAM? Take our interactive questionnaire to find out. We’ll help you determine if a MIAM is necessary for your situation. Don’t delay, take the questionnaire today to get the information you need.

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How can Mediation Help?

We can help resolve your Financial, Property or Parenting issues, amicably, cost effectively and fairly.