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About Mediate UK

Our History

Mediate UK was set up in August 2011 and started trading as Surrey Mediation Service.

We have grown from a small home-based start-up, to a company that covers the South East of England – and we have now expanded into the Midlands and North West.

Mediate UK are also specialists in online mediation – allowing us to help clients nationally throughout England & Wales and internationally anywhere in the world.

We were the first service in the UK to offer fixed fee mediation and legal packages – based on client feedback from being charged excessive legal fees for their divorce or consent order. We continue to improvise within the industry, offering online MIAMs nationally and setting up independent barrister reviews – so our clients now have an alternative to going to court if mediation were to break down.

Our divorce lawyers and family law solicitors are members of Resolution, have won awards for their service and are highly experienced in all areas of family law.

More importantly, we care – and our 5* feedback from our clients shows we can genuinely help you during this difficult time.

Why all the images of apples?

We chose an apple to represent our family mediation service as we really disliked all those library pictures of arguing couples. That’s just not what we are about at all.

  • An apple can easily be divided up into separate parts
  • An apple signifies good health – we want to help you focus on your wellbeing during what can be a difficult time.
  • Just like us, apples come in a variety of shapes, colours and types, but all need to be handled with care!

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you find your future.

The Mediate UK

  • Excellent reviews from our clients – we are the top rated family mediation service in the UK
  • 90% of clients who do joint mediation go on to reach an agreement
  • Upfront and honest prices – no need to prove your income or earnings
  • We save our average client £2,460 when they choose on of our our legal packages
  • Our mediators are all professional family mediators who care about your case
  • Progressive mediation – we focus on getting both parties to an agreement, not on the past
  • We can obtain an informal legal opinion from our solicitors on complex legal matters
  • Legal documents drafted from your agreement, using one of our fixed fee packages
  • We offer evening appointments and can sometimes help with weekend meetings
  • We can mediate with you online, helping you reach agreement from your home or office
  • We offer a one stop solution for all aspects of your separation – so can help with pensions, financial advice, child arrangements orders, counselling, conveyancing and more
Alistair Carter - Founder, Mediate UK
Alistair Carter

Mediate UK is ready to help you if you are going through a divorce, separation or parenting dispute. We are friendly, professional and committed to keeping you out of court. We can save you time, money and stress – which is why we can genuinely help you find your future and move on with your life.

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