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Ian Lovatt
Ian Lovatt

Ian is a PPC, an accredited family mediator and has been trained in child inclusive mediation. Our most experienced mediator, Ian has helped in over 1000 cases and is one of the most experienced mediators in the UK. He is a member of the Family Mediators Association and acts as the trainer for the business.

Tamsin Remnant

Tamsin is an accredited family mediator with the FMA. She has many years’ experience of working with separated parents. Tamsin has a law diploma after studying with CILEX and specialised in family law. She covers all our Surrey branches.

Emma Ingham

Emma is an Accredited Family Mediator and a non-practising family solicitor with over 8 years’ experience of family law and helping divorce clients. Emma covers our branches across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Beverley McKenzie
Beverley McKenzie

Beverley is a trained family mediator and also worked as a family solicitor. Beverley has previously worked for Relate as a counsellor. She has a calm and quietly assertive manner that is perfect for family mediation. She also has achieved a BA (honours) in law.

Penny Hogan
Penny Hogan

Penny is a trained family mediator and she is also a trained counsellor. She looks after our branches in the Nottingham area, one of them a purpose-built mediation suite in her back garden.

Julia Love

Julia is a trained family mediator and works full time for Mediate UK. She covers all our branches in Kent. Julia trained as a mediator having worked in the administration department of a mediation service and saw first-hand how mediation benefits clients.

Rachel Perkins
Rachel Poole

Rachel is a trained family mediator.  She covers all our branches in the East Midlands. Rachel is also a qualified soft tissue therapist following a career in the city within the finance sector.

Chris Yaffes

Chris has extensive experience working with expatriate, trans-national and international couples. He practiced Family and Criminal Law In South Africa before moving to New York, where he studied for his Masters in International Relations. He relocated to the United Kingdom in 2011 where he trained as a mediator and obtained his accreditation. Chris covers our North London branches.

Emily Dobson

Emily is a trained family mediator and covers all our branches in Hertford.
She has a history undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in International Political Economy. Prior to working as a Family Mediator she worked in the financial services and the global mining industry.

Neil Sykes

Neil covers our Bracknell Branch. Before becoming a mediator, he spent 20 years dealing with many high conflict situations. Neil also has extensive experience of the courts. His calm but assertive nature, as well as his eye for detail are ideal for family mediation.

Victoria Apperley

Victoria covers Cheltenham and Gloucester. She originally worked as a mortgage advisor. After starting a family, she wanted to go back to university and study Law realising her passion lay in family law. This is what led her to become a family mediator.

Mitchell Robertson

Mitchell is a trained family mediator working with Mediate UK to cover South Essex. Mitchell has a background as a derivatives broker and has many years’ experience of helping parties reach agreements. He has a calm, empathic manner and has also studied counselling skills.

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