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Fully Mediated Parenting Plans
All agreements can be made legally binding in a Child Arrangements Order by consent.


Going straight to court? Our court MIAMs can be set up within 24 hours.


We help you agree the financial disclosure, how to fairly divide your assets and agree any ongoing payments


We allocate you a solicitor each to manage your full divorce.


Our solicitors draft a legally binding, clean break consent order.


Our solicitors draft your agreement into a separation agreement which you sign and witness.


Fixed fee legal advice packages with a family law solicitor.

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90-minute fast track meeting to finalise and sense-check your agreement.


Instruct an independent barrister to tell you what would be a likely outcome at court on your case.


Last year, we helped over 90% of our clients reach an agreement through our tried and tested progressive mediation method.

Our mediation sessions – which can all be held online – are geared towards helping you reach an agreement in the midst of division and discord.

Progressive mediation is a method of family mediation that promotes a focus from both parties to  reach an agreement, reducing the number of mediation sessions you may need and ultimately reducing friction between those involved.

We know family mediation works in most situations because we have successfully helped over 3000 clients to date. Mediation can save you time, money and stress. Divorce or separation is hard, but reaching an agreement shouldn’t be. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Why Choose
Mediate UK?
  • You will become a client of the top-rated family mediation service in the UK
  • As a one-stop shop, you can get help with everything you need for your divorce or separation, from financial help, new wills or legal services
  • 90% of our clients go on to reach an agreement – why not become one of them?
  • You can get excellent legal advice on your case at a fixed fee
  • We will help you reach agreement quicker, with our progressive mediation process
  • Your agreement can be made legally binding – all at a fixed fee
  • We offer a super-fast Court MIAM service, when mediation is not suitable
  • All our family mediation fees are fixed at £115 per person per hour. You don’t need to prove income or pay more for out of hours appointments

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We average a 4.80 out of 5.0 star rating – we are committed to your case and to helping you reach agreement


Since 2010 we have helped over 4000 clients with our professional mediation service. We can help with your case too


Last year we helped 90% of clients reach an agreement through our progressive mediation process

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