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About Sutton Family Mediation London

Our Family Mediation in Sutton is conducted at the beautiful newly furbished offices at Sutton Point. The offices are centrally located to serve people wanting family mediation in Sutton, Croydon and surrounding areas.

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Opening hours:

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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Mediateuk Sutton office mediation branch

Sutton London Mediation Branch Information

Payments accepted: Card, Cheque or Bank transfer. Please note our mediators cannot accept cash payments.

Nearest Train Station: Sutton High Street (2-minute walk).

Wifi: Yes.

Reception Area: Yes.

Waiting area: Yes, in reception.

Shuttle Mediation Possible: No. This can be done Online.

Café on site: Yes.  Nearest Cafe is Starbucks at Platform 1, Sutton Station.

Disabled Access: Yes.

Directions:  From the Station: Exit via the main gates and you come onto the High Street. Turn right and walk down to the traffic lights where you will turn right. Spaces is about 300 metres on your right on the ground floor of the Ibis Hotel/Sutton Point.

If driving, park in the station or Morrison’s car park. With the station car park, make your way to the front of the station and follow the directions above. With Morrisons, you will enter the car park from the A232 and you need to exit on foot from the same entrance, and turn left. At the traffic lights go straight across. While at the lights, cross to the opposite side of the road and turn immediate left. Spaces is about 300 metres on your right on the ground floor of the Ibis Hotel/Sutton Point.

Our Sutton Mediators

Ian Michael Lovatt

MediateUK Ian Lovatt Mediator

Accreditation: FMCA, CIM, PPC

Membership: College of Mediators

Trained in advertising with Ogilvy’s. I spent 40 years in recruitment marketing. Decided a new challenge was needed and met a friend who suggested I would make a good mediator.

Put myself through the NFM course. Then did the MIAM and legal updates, then the accreditation portfolio and child inclusive mediation. I completed my PPC course late 2019 and became a PPC in 2020.

Why did you want to become a family mediator?
“I knew little about it. But I liked the idea of being able to help people. I thought it would be rewarding, personally. It was a totally different environment to that which I’d worked in before and that excited me. I had a desire to train to do it ‘properly’ and be the best I could be.”
What do you like most about Family mediation?
“The fact that all mediators are helpful and want to share their knowledge and experience. There is rarely one answer – it’s about helping clients find the right answer without telling them what to do. It is a growingly important sector. We can make a real difference to families. It can work so well and the successes far outweigh the failures.”
What is the most difficult mediation situation you have dealt with?
“A situation on parenting where I didn’t feel the children’s best interests were being considered and so I stopped the mediation. Invariably, the clients blame the mediator I such situations and they did.
One particular finance case where the debts outstripped the assets. Even selling the family home would not clear all the debts. That is a very difficult position for anyone to be in.”
What do you enjoy most about working with Mediate UK?
“The variety of the team – we are all different but we all support each other. The company has a constantly developing structure. A boss that’s driven to deliver new services and create new partnerships. This keeps the company moving forward. The company supports training and development. Breadth of our services – it isn’t just mediation. We can help people in lots of ancillary areas.”
Give us 5 facts about you
1. I was born in a pub.
2. I’m a keen genealogist and my mum’s family is traced back to Henry VIII period; dad’s back to the early 1800s.
3. I have two grandchildren with a third on the way.
4. I’ve been married for 40 years to an angel!
5. I love rugby. I love the friendships developed through rugby.

Tamsin Baxter

Mediate UK Tamsin Baxter Mediator

Accreditation: FMCA

Membership: College of Mediators CILEX

Background: I worked at Sainsburys, from checkouts to HR to Legal Assistant in Head Office. It made me quickly realise I wanted to work with families and not in a corporate environment.

After studying law I worked in a Child Contact Centre, which also offered mediation. I completed the NFM training course and continued my training with Mediate UK.

Why did you want to become a family mediator?
“I always wanted to be a family lawyer but the legal aid cuts that came in just after I graduated meant that I wasn’t able to find the job that I really wanted.
After discussing other options, family mediation took to my liking immediately. It is affordable and amicable for the clients and it is rewarding and fulfilling for the mediator.”
What do you like most about Family mediation?
“I like that children always come first and that clients have full control over what they do and don’t agree to.
I love seeing the relief in clients’ faces when they have reached an agreement. They often come to meetings believing that nothing will be agreed, and it will all be a waste of time – there is nothing I love more than proving people wrong!”
What is the most difficult mediation situation you have dealt with?
“When two clients had completely different ideas about how they should parent their child. The child’s needs were not put first and a lot of pressure was put on him to make decisions, which he was really too young to make.”
What do you enjoy most about working with Mediate UK?
“The team. Definitely. It is made up of brilliant characters, all with differing backgrounds and expertise. They are all more than willing to share their ideas and skills, and everyone feels safe to shout when they do not know something!
Mediate UK offers opportunities that are not available elsewhere to trainee mediators. They genuinely want you to be the best mediator you can be and do not hold back on helping you to achieve just that.”
Give us 5 facts about you
1. I love to learn.
2. I am passionate about mental health wellbeing.
3. I am obsessed with Disney and insist that everyone in my household shares my obsession.
4. My nickname is Taz – due to my temper tantrums as a toddler resembling the cartoon character Taz, The Tasmanian Devil…
5. I have two wonderful daughters, who thankfully do not resemble the Tasmanian Devil.

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My mediator adopted a professional but warm approach to our discussion. I felt that I was being listened to and that the outcome would be a considered and fair one. Many thanks.

Clear and concise and put many worries to bed, which has helped make the process run smoothly.

Very professional service, prompt appointments

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