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This service is for people who require an urgent MIAM to make a court application. It includes the signed court form. Please note, that there is usually a requirement for us to contact the other party to invite them to mediation. If this is not wanted, please discuss with your mediator.


You do not need to have anything with you for this appointment, but you might find a pen and paper helpful, to make notes. This is a relaxed, informal, and confidential discussion. The attached document gives you links to various online resources. The MIAM will cover four specific areas:

1) Information for you – please expect the mediator to share a lot of information. You cannot record the meeting, but you can make notes. A pen and paper may be helpful.

2) Details for you to share with the mediator – what’s led to the current situation, what is that situation, how do you feel, how are the children (if relevant), what’s the current relationship like, has this improved or worsened since separation, are you worried about mediation, etc

3) Welfare and safety – expect many questions around this, as we must ensure that we can provide both parties with a safe environment

4) Process from here – the mediator will outline what happens next; including likely costs and timescales for you. There is an expectation that after your MIAM, we will invite the other party to a MIAM. If you ask the mediator not to do this, we will need to note formally your reasons. The court form is included in the fixed fee for your Urgent MIAM.

5) You can have someone in support with you at the MIAM. The mediator may need to check with you on your own that you are happy for them to be there. You cannot bring the other party to the dispute with you. If you do this, we are not allowed to continue with the MIAM.


Please be aware that MIAMs are only valid for four months – a time limit set by the Ministry of Justice. To have a case heard in court, you must have attended a MIAM or had your last joint mediation session, in the four months immediately prior to your application.

Should your MIAM have expired, and you require a court form to be signed, please contact us and we can outline your options.


You will receive a separate email with the agreement to mediate.

This email will ask you read and sign that you agree to the Agreement to Mediate.

Please kindly inform us if you do not receive this email.

We will need this prior to the start of the meeting.


Your mediator will be an experienced, accredited family mediator.


FMCA, Member of Family Mediation Council


Payment for the meeting is £199. This includes the signed form for your court application.


Please note, if you cancel or postpone within 24 hours, or are unavailable at the appointed time, we will still need to charge you the full cost of your meeting as we will be unable to reallocate your appointment. We appreciate your understanding with this.


A MIAM is a statutory requirement and there are specific regulations on how they are conducted, and these are set and monitored by the Family Mediation Council:

  • You must have a good broadband or Wi-Fi signal – if it is not good enough, the mediator may have to terminate the call.
  • Please do not phone the mediator back – any call must be instigated by the mediator.
  • If you have a person in support, the mediator will ask them to leave the room to enable the safety/welfare section to be completed with you alone.
  • The call must not be recorded.
  • This is a legal meeting. You must not be driving or in an environment unsuitable for the appointment (e.g. café).

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 999 0959 or email

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