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Should I Get Divorced in 2024?

Can You ‘Find Your Future’ In 2024?

With inflation rising over the last year, mortgages coming off historically low fixed-rates and onto far more expensive variable rates and property prices decreasing in a less than buoyant market, is 2024 the right time to make a change and get divorced?

In 2021, the long-awaited no-fault divorce law came into effect. This allowed people to get divorced without having to wait five years (or two years with consent) or by blaming their ex-spouse in court documents, which used to cause unnecessary stress and upset at an already difficult time.

You can read more about the no fault divorce law, and what it does and does not change for people going through a divorce.

Lady taking off wedding ring But what can you do now, if you are either stuck in a marriage or relationship that is making you unhappy or, even worse, is abusive? What can you do if your partner is unhappy and wants to end a relationship that you are still happy in? What can you do if you are embroiled in never-ending arguments and disputes about your children, property or finances?

The New Year is a time when many people make resolutions and re-assess their lives. Having been divorced myself, witnessed my parents get a divorce, and helped over 6000 clients, over a ten-year period to divorce or separate amicably, I have seen the best and the worst in people going through this difficult time. But I do know that it is possible to reset the clock and look at your dispute from a new perspective. And there is no better time to do that than the start of a New Year.

If you are considering getting a divorce in 2024, take a look at our blog The 7-steps to achieve the perfect divorce where we look at the steps you should take if you are considering a divorce.

In this blog, we are going to look at what you should do if you are in an unhappy or abusive relationship and are wondering what to do next and whether a divorce in 2024 is the right thing for you.

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It’s Your Choice to Divorce or Separate

The first thing to accept is that, unless you were forced into an arranged marriage, you chose to be in the relationship and chose to get married. It can genuinely help to take ownership of the fact that you are in this situation by your own choices. It may well be that the person you married has changed beyond recognition, or has been abusive to you, or has been unfaithful – but you made the decision to be in this relationship. And, just as you made the decision to be in the relationship in the first place, you can also make the decision not to be.

If you think there is a chance that the marriage or relationship is recoverable, then you owe it to yourself, your partner and your wider family to fully explore that as an option. Relationship counselling can really help here. Even if you cannot rescue the relationship, it can help you both agree that there is no future in your relationship and set the tone for an amicable separation – especially important when you have children together.

Man reading over divorce papers

If you are certain that there is no future for your relationship, then you need to take positive action to address it. More than 4 in 10 marriages end in divorce. You are not alone in this situation. Many people see divorce as a sign of failure, a big negative in their lives and carry a huge amount of guilt that it will impact negatively on their children, their friends and their family.

We believe divorce to be something that can be seen as a positive step in your life. You are taking huge action to remove yourself from a situation that is making you unhappy and freeing up your partner to be in a future relationship with someone who is desperate to be with them – not wanting to be away from them.

What About My Children?

If you have children, you are showing them that it is not ok to put up with the mediocre. If you are in an abusive relationship, you are showing your children that is never ok to put up with abuse. Many studies have shown that it is not the act of divorce itself that can have a negative impact on the children, after all over 40% of their class are likely to have parents who are separated, it is the manner in which you divorce that can impact adversely on your children’s wellbeing. Arguments in front of the children, making disparaging comments about your ex to the children or asking them to convey messages between you both are all likely to have an impact on their mental wellbeing.

Conversely, an amicable separation, where the children are prioritised in each and every action – where they can see you working together as parents even though you are no longer living together will have a significant beneficial impact on the children and help show them a positive way for their own relationships in the future.

Should I Divorce in 2024?

Sorting out finances on divorce and the state of the property market in the UK are historically linked. Many people going through a divorce will need to work out how they will fund two properties when before they only needed to fund the one. And in a market where mortgages are more expensive, other costs such as utility bills are at historic highs and the value of your property is falling in many areas of the UK, this can make the option of running two households even harder to achieve. Family mediation can help you work through how to best achieve this, but no one can add more money into the family pot.

However the alternative, staying in an unhappy household, possibly arguing in front of the children, sleeping in separate rooms and generally living a life that is on hold is, in this writer’s view, far worse than downsizing your property, or renting somewhere else.

Divorce does not need to be a bad thing. It is an opportunity to set your life back on track. To be free of someone who does not add value to your life and you to theirs. To do a hundred and oneLady signing divorce papers things that you would never have done if you were still in an unhappy or abusive relationship. It is a chance to better yourself as a person and become a more rounded human and a happier, better parent. Even if you cannot see it now, your divorce may well be the best thing that could happen to you.

It is worth noting that none of the 6000+ clients Mediate UK has helped have reported back to us that they feel they have made a terrible mistake. Instead, they have moved on with their lives, most have sorted out their parenting and financial issues amicably and all have finally found their new future.

What is stopping you finding your future this year?

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