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What is a Form C2 Application and Do I Need One?

What is a Form C2 Application and Do I Need One?

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A Form C2 application is used in three main scenarios of a court proceeding when it comes to child arrangements. It is a court form that you can complete yourself or through a solicitor.

In this blog we take you through the Form C2 application and the circumstances when you may need to complete one. You can download a blank copy of C2 Form here.


When would I need to complete a Form C2?

Let’s start by taking a look at the three situations where you would generally need to complete a C2 application.

  • Permission to start an application

Whilst anyone with parental responsibility can apply to the court for a child arrangements order on a Form C100, there may be some people involved in the children’s lives who need to ask permission from the court.

More commonly, this would be a grandparent. But it could also be an auntie, step-parent or other relative who has played a significant role in the lives of the children.

As they do not have parental responsibility, they need to request permission from the court to make an application. In cases where the grandparents are trying to exercise their rights this would usually be granted. But each case is different and treated on its merits.

A C2 form is required to be completed in such situations and is covered in section 1, summary of the application.

  • You want to update the court during an ongoing child arrangements case.

You may need to request an adjournment (delay) to a hearing; update the court on an urgent matter or request a change to interim child arrangements – or even request an expert is used to give evidence. Rather than submit a new application of a Form C100, you will use the Form C2 application in such situations.

  • To add or remove someone from the initial application

There may be times when someone wishes to be removed from an application for child arrangements or to be added onto them. Most commonly this would be a grandparent or other important person in the children’s lives being added onto the C100 application involving the separating parents.


How to complete a Form C2 application

Many people who are in court proceeding will be represented by a solicitor or barrister and they will complete the Form C2 application on your behalf, when required. If you are acting in person, we still recommended getting legal advice and help on completing the C2 Form, even if you are then representing yourself in the actual hearing.

If you are completing the form yourself, start by taking a read of CB1 – Making an application – Children and the Family Courts

Unlike a C100 form a C2 form application deals mainly with details of the case. Make sure you complete the details accurately and to the best of your knowledge. The key part is section 6 – Details of application. This is where you will list out what you are applying for.

It may be that you state here that you are asking for permission to apply for a child arrangements order and the reasons why.

Or that you are asking for a change to an interim order and why that is necessary.

You need to cover all the important points, but try to be concise and factual in this section.

Remember, not only will the court read what you put on this for but all relevant parties in the case will as well. And it needs to be truthful or you could get in trouble with the court.


What alternatives are there to completing a C2 Form Application?

At any stage during proceeding you can consider family mediation to help resolve a dispute. For example, you can agree between you to change an arrangement if it is not working out for the children, or if circumstances change. Grandparents can arrange family mediation with a child’s parent(s) to establish contact with a child.

Grandfather and grandchildA court will expect both parties to act reasonably and responsibly to try to resolve issues involving a child. Family mediation is especially key in showing this to the court and, in many cases, is compulsory before you can submit a C100 application. But don’t rule out the benefits of family mediation, even after a hearing has started. There are many cases and situations where parents have managed to agree arrangements outside of court and kept control of the process. Read our blog ‘will it look bad if I refuse to go to mediation’ for more on how a court views family mediation.


How much does a C2 application cost?

The cost of a C2 application is free if you are eligible for Help With Fees. You can use the calculator here to see if you are eligible for a reduction or complete fee remission. If you are, you will be allocated a HWF number and should include this at the top of the C2 Form.

Otherwise, the cost will depend on the type of application you are making using the form. This will vary from £53 to £167 (as of February 2023) depending on the type of application. You can find out more about court fees here.


Statement of Truth

You will sign the C2 Form to confirm that what you have said in the application are true. If you have not been truthful, you may be held in contempt of court, will probably have to pay the other sides’ legal costs for any additional expenses they occurred due to your incorrect statement and it won’t usually help your case with the judge either.


Child(ren)’s Best Interests

It is important when dealing with any form you are submitting to court that the court will make orders in the child’s best interests. If for example, you make a request for an adjournment on a Form C2, the court will only allow it if they believe it would be beneficial to the child(ren) to do so.


Do I need to attend mediation to complete a Form C2?

No – you do not need to have a mediator sign off a Form C2. However if you are asking permission from the court to make an application using a C100 form, then the Form C100 will usually have to be signed by an accredited family mediator and included with your Form C2 application.

Form C2

A C2 Form is used in child proceeding cases to either ask permission from the court to make an application on a C100 Form, or to update the court on a matter during existing proceedings.

We strongly recommend getting good legal advice on how to complete the form.

Don’t rule out family mediation at any stage in your proceedings. It will impress the court if you are able to reach an agreement on any matter and there are currently £500 in government vouchers towards child mediation cases.

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