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    When Do You Need Family Mediation?

    A divorce or separation can be a highly complex situation where many new arrangements need to be made for everyone involved. Family mediation is a process that replaces going to court, providing you with a neutral and professional mediator to help you reach an agreement that suits you both.

    When a marriage or relationship breaks down, there are several steps a couple should take before they part ways. Examples include the division of assets, making child arrangements, as well as dealing with more complicated aspects such as property or pensions. If you fail to agree on these issues, family mediation is a great solution as it allows you both to have a say in the outcome. It also ensures your agreement is reached quicker, more cost-effectively and with less stress than going to court or arguing between solicitors.  

    In this post, we’ll discuss family mediation, and when you could need to utilise this service. 

    What Does a Family Mediator Do?

    Mediateul Wallington office mediation branchFamily mediation is a regulated process that helps you to focus on the issues to be resolved and ultimately to help you move on with your lives. It is not about looking back over the relationship or apportioning blame. 

    Family mediators are trained to work with people whose relationships have broken down. They come from professional backgrounds, some such as law and healthcare. They will ask questions to understand your situation and to find solutions that both of you can agree on.

    Mediate UK follows a tried and tested method of dispute resolution that focuses on getting an agreement. We call it “progressive mediation” and that is why we help 90% of our clients reach a resolution — as opposed to the national average of just 70%

    We meet each of you individually at first, before putting a plan together for your joint mediation sessions. This meeting is called a MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment meeting).

    The mediation process gives you the time and space to consider the most important things for your children and the rest of your family. With a more relaxed and objective environment, combined with the expertise of a professional mediator, you can define child arrangements that suit everyone’s needs for now and the future. We also help you reach an agreement on where you will both live, what would be a fair division of your finances, what should happen to your pensions, and help you agree on any ongoing payments between you. Finally, we make sure you divide any assets as cost-effectively as possible. All agreements reached can be made legally binding through our fixed-fee legal packages

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    When Would I Need Family Mediation?

    Family mediation can help at any stage of your divorce or separation. If you wish to go to court, it is compulsory — in most cases — to at least consider mediation before you can apply to the court. But many people find if they can start the mediation process, they go on to reach an agreement. You don’t even need to be in the same room as each other for it to work. We can also help with online mediation, meaning you can sort all your parenting, financial and property issues out from the comfort of your living room. 

    A solicitor-led court process to sort out finances will cost over £20,000 for each of you. It will also involve three separate court hearings and takes on average 11.5 months to complete.  A court case can create a hostile and toxic atmosphere that often takes many years to resolve. Family mediation provides the platform to make an arrangement that benefits everyone involved, under the supervision and guidance of a vastly experienced and knowledgeable, professional mediator.

    Why Choose Mediate UK?

    Mediate UK began as a small home-based startup and over time has evolved into a firm that helps clients from all over England and Wales through our network of branches or our ground-breaking online mediation services. Our primary goal is to provide an efficient and fair solution for people in need of dispute-resolution for legal matters. Not only this, but we offer a range of services that allows you to avoid excessive legal fees, such as fixed-fee legal advice.

    If you decide that family mediation is the appropriate solution to suit your needs, the first step is to book a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). A MIAM will run for around 45 to 60 minutes and allow you to discover how family mediation works. One of our mediators will help you decide if it’s a suitable approach for you and your family and if we both agree we can formally invite the other party to the process. 

    Are you considering family mediation and want to find out more information? Get in touch today to discuss your needs with our team of specialists and book a MIAM at your earliest convenience.

    We can resolve your financial, property or parenting issues amicably, cost effectively and fairly

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