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    How Mediate UK can help you - with your current situation

    Family mediation

    Family mediation replaces the need for going to court to help sort out parenting, financial or property disputes. In many cases you must consider mediation before you can even apply to the court for your case to be heard.

    Both the government and courts believe the best way to sort out disputes is by mediation – especially when children or families are involved. Overall, mediation provides a less stressful and less costly experience for all parties involved.

    Family mediation is very much about looking forward – how you can move on from your current situation. It is not couples counselling or therapy, but does help you resolve your issues in a quick, calm and effective manner. Your parenting or financial agreement can be made legally binding with a consent order or child arrangement order through our fixed fee mediation and legal packages.

    All our mediation services are available online – so you can reach an agreement from the comfort of your own living room. 

    Explore our legal packages by clicking below to see how we can assist you. 

    Mediation that works

    90% of clients who use our joint mediation service go on to reach an agreement.

    We use a method of mediation that works. Over ten years’ of successful resolutions proves its effectiveness.  We meet each party, individually at first, for an hour. This individual session lets you explain what the issues are, what you would like to happen and any concerns you may have. We then put plans together for the joint sessions.

    Under some circumstances we may feel it would be beneficial to hold joint sessions from separate rooms. This is called shuttle mediation. Or we may believe that having two mediators would be useful for your case. These options, and others, can be discussed.

    The joint mediation sessions usually cover any parenting arrangements first and then we look at finances. We share our knowledge and experience with you as we help you come to an agreement based on what the courts will take into account. We will keep you focused on moving forward and getting to an agreement – not discussing what has happened in the past.

    On completion of your mediation we can convert any agreement reached into a legally drafted document through our solicitors – such as a divorce petition, consent order, separation agreement, or a child arrangement order.

    Family mediation is a proven way of helping both parties move on and reach a plan regarding what will happen next. Mediate UK can help you do this as amicably, cost effectively and fairly as possible.

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    How can Mediation Help?

    We can help resolve your Financial, Property or Parenting issues, amicably, cost effectively and fairly.
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