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The A-Z of People who can help you with your divorce

The A-Z of People who can help you with your divorce

As you proceed through your divorce or separation, you will no doubt require the help of friends, family, and professionals to help you move on with your life. Our team at Mediate UK put together the A-Z of experts who could all provide invaluable assistance to your situation.

From Actuaries to Zen Therapists, in this blog, we have listed those who can contribute to easing the divorce or separation process and promoting a more amicable resolution. It is highly unlikely you will use all 26 but we hope that this list may give you some confidence to reach out for help at this time.

A – Actuary

An Actuary specializes in assessing financial risks and uncertainties. During a divorce, they can help calculate and evaluate the present and future value of financial assets, notably pensions, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution between the parties involved.

B – Barrister

Barristers are legal professionals who can represent clients in court. While they may not be directly involved in family mediation, their expertise can be crucial if legal proceedings become necessary. They can also offer an expert but independent report on what a court would consider as a fair outcome for your situation.

C – Counsellor

Emotional well-being is paramount during a divorce. Counsellors provide emotional support, helping individuals cope with the stress and emotions associated with the process. You can find a great counsellor here

D – Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach offers guidance and support, helping individuals navigate the emotional and practical challenges of divorce. They can empower clients to make informed decisions and focus on personal growth.

E – Estate Agent

Divorce often entails property division. Estate agents can assist in selling or buying properties, ensuring a smooth transition in housing arrangements. The average of three valuations would be accepted by a court as the value to a property, or if you disagree you can instruct a chartered surveyor

F – Facilitator

A Facilitator assists in communication and negotiation, fostering a cooperative environment during divorce proceedings. At Mediate UK, a facilitator is used when you have an agreement in principle but want to have it sense-checked and finalised by an independent but neutral expert.

G – Grandparents

Grandparents play a vital role in many families. While they may not be professionals, their involvement can provide emotional support and stability for children during a divorce. Grandparents also have their own rights on child arrangements.

H – HR Manager

For those navigating the workplace alongside divorce, an HR Manager can provide guidance on employment-related matters, such as leave policies and flexible work arrangements. They can be key to re-arrange duties and shifts to accommodate changes in childcare arrangements.

Estate Agent, Mediator, Kindergarten Teacher and Judge
I – Interpreter

If language barriers exist, an Interpreter can facilitate effective communication between parties and professionals involved in the divorce process.

J – Judge

While court proceedings are not always necessary, a Judge may be involved in legal matters related to divorce. Their role is to make impartial decisions based on the law. Separate applications are made for child arrangements and financial settlements

K – Kindergarten or Primary School Staff

Schools are integral to a child’s life. Staff can provide insights into a child’s well-being and may collaborate with parents to ensure a smooth transition.

L – Lawyer

Lawyers specialise in legal matters and can provide advice on the legal aspects of divorce, such as property division and child arrangements.

M – Mediator

Mediators play a central role in facilitating communication and negotiation between parties, striving for mutually agreeable solutions without resorting to litigation. It is usually necessary to attend a MIAM before attending court

N – Negotiator

Negotiators can assist in reaching compromises on various aspects of divorce, ensuring that both parties have a say in the final decisions. A negotiator works with both parties to finalise an agreement. They are not regulated, as a family mediator would be required.



O – Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists focus on a person’s ability to perform daily activities. They may assist in managing stress and adapting to changes brought about by divorce. They can especially help with children at this time.

P – Pension On Divorce Expert (PODE)

PODEs specialize in handling pension-related matters during divorce, ensuring fair and accurate distribution of pension assets.

Q – Qualified Financial Advisor

Financial matters are intricate during a divorce that entails a division of finances. A Qualified Financial Advisor can provide advice on investments, budgeting and financial planning for the future.

R – Registered Childminder

Childminders offer childcare services, providing parents with support during work hours or when managing other aspects of the divorce process.

S – Social Worker

Social Workers can assess and address the well-being of all family members, offering resources and support to navigate the emotional challenges of divorce. If you go to court for child arrangements, you are likely to be seen by CAFCASS who are specially trained social workers.

T – Tax Advisor

Tax Advisors can provide guidance on the tax implications of financial decisions made during divorce, ensuring that both parties understand their tax obligations. This is especially true when looking at the implications of capital gains tax on selling or deferring the sale of a property.

U – Unemployment Advisor

For those facing employment changes, Unemployment Advisors can guide job searches, career transitions and financial planning during periods of unemployment. This can be especially helpful for those looking to return to work after many years.

V – Valuer

Valuers assess the monetary value of assets, such as property or businesses, contributing to fair and equitable distribution during divorce proceedings. In many cases you will make a joint instruction to get an independent valuation. They can get expensive, especially in valuing businesses.

W – Wealth Manager

Wealth Managers specialise in managing financial assets. They can assist in creating a post-divorce financial plan for long-term stability.

X – X Partner

Your former partner is a key player in divorce proceedings. Effective communication and cooperation between ex-spouses are crucial for an amicable resolution. (The only difference between an amicable divorce and one costing hundreds of thousands of pounds is the two people involved).

Y – Youth Counsellor

Youth Counsellors focus on the well-being of children and adolescents, providing emotional support and counselling to help them cope with the changes associated with divorce.

Z – Zen Therapist

Zen Therapists offer holistic approaches to mental well-being, promoting mindfulness and stress reduction during the challenging period of divorce. They are included as it can help to focus on yourself during this time. And we couldn’t find another ‘Z’ role.

Tax Advisor, Youth Councillor, Lawyer and grandparent


While this A-Z of people provides a comprehensive guide to the diverse support available during a divorce, there are many others who may help on your journey. We hope that you will consider Family Mediators if you are unable to reach an agreement between yourself. For all options on this, take a look at our 11 ways to resolve a dispute.

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