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  • If you are separating but don’t want to get a divorce yet
  • If you want to wait 2 years before getting a divorce to allow for a ‘no blame’ divorce petition
  • If you are within the first year of your marriage
  • If you were cohabiting but not married

A deed of separation

Your family mediator will meet with you both individually at first and then arrange a joint mediated session to resolve the issues raised. As part of this package you can get up to four hours mediation to reach agreement on any parenting or financial arrangements.

On reaching agreement, we will ask our firm of family law solicitors to process the agreement into a deed of separation that you can both sign and have witnessed. If you decide to later divorce, then you can invite the court to accept your legal deed agreement(legal separation agreement). Included in the fixed price package is storage of a signed copy of this agreement for six years in case of any issues raised at a later date.

Whilst a deed of separation through a high street solicitor will cost anywhere from £1500 to £2500, we can offer you the same solicitor drafted agreement –  with all your mediation costs included – for just £999 per person, including VAT.

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