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Form A

Financial Arrangement Order



Child Arrangements Order


C100 + Form A

Child Arrangements Order and
Financial Arrangement Order


If you are unable to book online or availability is not great, please contact us on 0330 999 0959 or complete the below form and we will try and schedule your appointment asap.

How it works

  • Call us on 0330 999 0959 or complete the form below and we will get back to you asap.
  • Once booked, one of our accredited mediators calls you and takes you through the MIAM during a 30 minute appointment via Zoom,Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. A phone MIAM can be held in exceptional circumstances.
  • We release a signed Form A (for finances), C100 (for parenting) or both, which allows you, or your solicitor, to file an application with the court
  • Suitable where mediation is not likely to take place or not wanted
  • Great for urgent applications and priority cases
  • National coverage in England and Wales
  • Form A or C100 are valid for 4 months from date of MIAM
  • Other party is not contacted for our court MIAM process.

Form downloads

Download the forms you need below for FREE

For a Parenting Issue

C100 – Child Arrangements Order

For a Financial Matter

Form A – Notice to proceed with a financial order

In most cases you will need to conduct a MIAM with an accredited family mediator in order to have either form signed prior to submission to court. The exceptions are details in our blog here. Contact us to arrange your Court MIAM or complete the opposite contact form and we will get back to you.


Offer is for new clients only. If mediation is suitable for your case you may want to consider a local mediation service. Offer includes the signing and sending of the relevant form for court by an accredited family mediator. Payment due at time of booking appointment. We do not currently offer legal aid. 

What is a MIAM?

A MIAM is a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. We will ask you about your situation and discuss with you how mediation works. This should enable you to make a decision on whether family mediation is something you would like to do.

Sometimes, we may decide mediation is not suitable for your case. Online MIAMs should only be carried out when you do not believe mediation is going to go ahead and you do not want us to contact the other party.

Do I need a MIAM?

In most cases yes! If you are asking the court to make a decision on a financial matter or a parenting issue you will need to provide evidence to the court that you have had a MIAM.

In some instances, a MIAM is not required and we can advise you on this before you book your meeting.


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