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Why Not mediate from the comfort of your own home?

Since 2016 Mediate UK have been pioneers of online family mediation. We are experts in helping people reach an agreement online, by using our tried and tested method of progressive mediation. It is one of the reasons we help 90% of clients reach an agreement on their parenting, financial or property disputes.

Online mediation:

  • Can be held if you are living in the same household or separately
  • We use Zoom for joint mediation sessions and it works really well
  • You can use Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom for you initial MIAM
  • We can help you wherever you live in the world – as long as one party is based in England & Wales
  • We can help you swap financial information and any agreement reached can still be made legally binding with our legal packages
  • We offer super-fast appointments and it is usually quicker to set up meetings


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Mediate UK are the top-rated family mediation service in the UK. We have developed a method of progressive mediation that gets you to an agreement faster, allowing you both to move on with your lives. We are the only mediation service that can also make your agreement legally binding through one of our fixed fee legal packages.

Want legal advice on your case? No problem. We can help with a referral to a family lawyer who will go through your case and include a written report of their legal advice – all for a fixed fee.

Does Online Mediation Work?

The short answer is Yes!

Mediate UK have been pioneers of online family mediation, having been offering the service since 2016. All our professional family mediators are trained in online mediation and are experienced and skilled at managing online meetings and helping you to reach an agreement.

90% of our clients who go on to joint online mediation are able to reach an agreement.

How does Online Mediation Work?

We follow a set method of mediation, that is approved by the Family Mediation Council:

  • We hold an initial online session with you individually – this is also called a MIAM
  • We can write to the other party inviting them to mediation – we can contact twice
  • If no response we can release a court form if you wish to pursue the matter further
  • If they respond we set up their initial session
  • Once everyone is happy to mediate, we arrange your first joint mediation meeting
  • We can cover parenting, property and finances on divorce or separation and can easily swap important documents and disclosure during the meetings
  • Once agreement is reached we can make it legally binding through our fixed fee legal packages

What technical requirements do I need?

Your initial online meeting can be held on ZOOM, WhatsApp Video or Facetime and in some circumstances can be held on the telephone. You do not need to understand technology to use the service and we can help you set this up if required.

The joint mediation services are held on ZOOM as this allows us to set up tighter controls on the meeting, hold break-out rooms if required and easily share documents and screens. We can even mute one party if needed to help the meeting progress.

The mediator ensures no one else can join the meeting and no recordings are made.

The meetings on Zoom can be held on a laptop, computer, tablet or any smart phone. You do not need to sign up to anything and we will send you an email link to join your allocated meeting.

How to Proceed

To start the online Mediation Process just get in touch with our friendly office. We’ll be happy to help.

Click here to contact us or give us a call on 0330 999 0959 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Just want to go straight to court without mediation taking place? You can book an Urgent MIAM which includes the court form signed by an accredited family mediator for just £199. Click here to find out more:

How Much Is Mediation Online?

We charge £130 per person per hour for your mediation. Every pound you pay can go towards our fixed fee legal packages once agreement is reached between you. This usually saves our clients thousands of pounds on their legal fees.

You can also book in a consultation with our divorce and separation expert:

Contact us to find out more about why mediation can help your case. 0330 999 0959 or email

How can Mediation Help?

We can help resolve your Financial, Property or Parenting issues, amicably, cost effectively and fairly.