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What is a MIAM appointment?

The first meeting you have with a mediator is called a MIAM – short for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. These can be held in person face to face or online.

A MIAM runs for between 45 and 60 minutes. It provides you with an opportunity to find out how family mediation works and the mediator will help decide if mediation is suitable for you and your family.

You will have an opportunity to discuss the issues that have arisen, what you hope will happen and raise any concerns about the process.

Do I Need to Attend a MIAM?

Anyone wanting to make a court application involving family proceedings (with some exceptions) must attend a MIAM with a family mediator prior to an application being made to the court. In some cases, this can be done online, or you may need a free sign-off call from an accredited family mediator.

There are 15 exceptions when you do not need to attend a MIAM and these are listed on our blog here.

Once you have attended a MIAM we can either contact the other party you are in dispute with, sign-off a form to allow you to go to court, or you may just want some time to think about the next stages. That is fine too.

A MIAM costs £120, and this includes us contacting the other party on two occasions. A C100 (parenting) or Form A (financial) for court costs £60.

Contact us for more information on a MIAM or, if you believe that applying to court is your only option, then click here to see our Urgent MIAM offer.


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