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MIAM for solicitors

Does Your Client Need a MIAM For Court?

Mediate UK can conduct an online MIAM with your client on your behalf within 48 hours — wherever they are — and send you a signed C100 and/or Form A within just 24 hours.

  • Convenient and hassle-free — Book an online MIAM on your client’s behalf or put us in touch with them and sit back knowing it’s being expertly handled
  • We work with law firms across England and Wales
  • Push through urgent cases quickly with no need to contact the other party
  • A single form (either Form A or C100) costs £99 or get both forms for just £109


Book an Online MIAM for Your Client and Get an Appointment within 48 Hours

We’ll contact you to discuss your client’s needs and determine whether an online MIAM is right for them. Then, you can either book a meeting on your client’s behalf or we’ll contact them and keep you in the loop.

Why Law Firms Use Mediate UK for Online MIAMs

Melanie Tubbs
Brethertons LLP
Senior Associate

We really enjoy working with Mediate UK. They promptly contact our customers to arrange MIAMS and keep us in the loop with those arrangements. Payment is made directly to Mediate UK so we don’t have any extra administration to do. We can safely refer to Mediate UK and be confident that they do a really good job.

Amanda Weaver
New Leaf Solicitors
Principal Solicitor

We at New Leaf Solicitors have worked with Mediate UK for a few years now and have found their team a pleasure to work with and they provide a first class service to their clients. I see first-hand the settlements they have mediated for their clients and they know what they are doing. Their new fast-track MIAM service will be of real benefit for those of us who want matters dealt with swiftly and as easily as possible

Rachel Adams
Head of Family DFA Law

The service from Mediate UK is really first class. They contact clients swiftly, keep you up to date with the progress of the MIAM, and very quickly send out the form FM1 ready for issue. This is all set against the back-drop of a friendly and professional manner. I am very happy to highly recommend their services.

Alison Ratchford
Woolley & Co Solicitors
Family Lawyer

Having used their service on a number of occasions I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. The ease and speed of the service is excellent!

Joe O’Brien
Wilson Browne Solicitors

I have been referring clients to Mediate UK for many years. They offer an excellent, efficient and friendly service. As they also offer MIAMs via video call, my clients can easily access their service regardless of where they are located. I look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come!

Emma Kirkaldie-Clay
Bellwether Solicitors

We specialise in family law and are firm believers that, where possible, mediation is the most cost-effective way to deal with finances or children issues on the breakdown of a relationship.  We initially came to know of Mediate UK through various clients who had found their details online.  We immediately noticed that the paperwork produced was always first class and we always get good feedback about the mediators themselves.  We, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Mediate UK for their mediation services.

When Does Your Client Need a MIAM?

A MIAM is a legal requirement for most family court applications. If mediation is suitable, we can assist with inviting the other party to mediation and then helping them both reach an agreement. But sometimes an application just needs to be submitted as expediently as possible. We can set these up with an accredited family mediator quickly and professionally – getting you the form with 24 hours of the MIAM.

An online MIAM is the perfect solution.

If you are dealing with:

  • An urgent case that does not meet the criteria to be exempt from requiring a MIAM — or you don’t want to take the risk
  • A case with parties refusing to do mediation or unlikely to engage and benefit from it
  • Incidents of domestic abuse where your client does not have the required evidence or does not want to produce it
  • Cases where mediation has previously been attempted but failed
  • Cases where the previous MIAM was conducted over four months ago and has now expired

… an online MIAM is suitable for your client.

Book an Online MIAM for Your Client

Get the documentation you need to proceed with your case with Mediate UK — the mediation firm of choice for solicitors. Your client will receive an online MIAM appointment in 48 hours and their required forms in 24 hours.

How the Online MIAM with Mediate UK Works

All it takes is three steps to receive Form A or C100 documentation for your client.

Step 1: Book an Online MIAM

Click the button below and fill in the form to book an online MIAM on your client’s behalf. We’ll ask for a bit of information about you, including your firm and contact details, the contact details of your client and the nature of the case (financial, requiring Form A, or parental, requiring form C100). We can contact the client for you, allowing you to be hands-off, or you can be the point of contact between our mediators and your client. We guarantee an appointment within 48 hours — perfect for urgent and priority cases.

Step 2: We’ll Conduct the Meeting with Your Client

The biggest benefit of an online MIAM is that it’s convenient. There’s no need to travel to offices and sit down with a party who has no interest in mediation — we can sign and deliver the required forms without the other party needing to be involved. This saves time and overheads for you and allows you to provide a hassle-free service to your clients. Our meetings take 30 minutes and are held over Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom. In exceptional circumstances, we can hold the meeting over the phone.

Step 3: Receive Your Client’s Documents and Proceed with Your Case

Once we’ve spoken to your client, we’ll sign the required forms (C100 for child arrangement orders, prohibited steps orders or specific issue orders; Form A for financial matters, or both) and deliver them to you within 24 hours. You can get either a C100 form or Form A for £99, or both for £109.

These forms are valid for 4 months from the date of the MIAM. Once you’ve received the forms, you can take the next step and proceed to family court with your client.


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