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    Mediate UK Finalists in UK Business Awards ’21

    Mediate UK – Finalists in UK Business Awards

    Mediate UK have been nominated as finalists in the UK Business Awards 2021. Mediate UK Business Awards

    The UK British Business Awards are one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK. Fellow finalists the year include brands such as HSBC,  DHL and Microsoft!

    Mediate UK have been nominated as finalists in the category – “Best Business Response to the Covid Crisis.” Despite bookings dropping nearly 80% at the start of the crisis,
    Mediate UK were able to act swiftly and decisively in turning their whole operation online whilst launching initiatives to help various charities. They teamed up with The Trussel Trust to help donate £20 for every MIAM to provide food parcels for people forced into poverty from the crisis and with Child Law Advice, who are a charity helping people with child, family and education law. Both charities saw increased demand during the lockdown and needed donations more than ever.

    Mediate UK grew their offering during the lockdown and, alongside being the top-rated family mediation service in England & Wales, are now the most popular mediation service in the UK*.

    Ali Carter, Managing Director of Mediate UK says; “We currently have the best team that I have ever worked with in my career. When the crisis hit, we invested heavily in new technology, software and marketing to grow our offering to people who needed our service nationally.

    But we also wanted to help our charity partners. Being nominated as a finalist from over 300 entries is a great testament to our mediators, administrators and all our team, who constantly go above and beyond to help our clients at what is a very difficult time in their lives.”

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    Mediate UK ReviewsMediate UK can help with reaching agreements on spousal maintenance variations and on helping you reach a fair agreement on all your finances as part of a divorce or separation – we are the top-rated family mediation service in England & Wales. 

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    Data from Google Analytics March 2021* 

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