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Mediate UK Family Mediation Conference 2022

Mediate UK Family Conference 2022

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On 4th February 2022, Mediate UK held our first ever family mediation conference for all our family mediators and head office team.

Mediate UK conference training The day started with our familiarising ourselves and training on our brand new Microsoft tablets and the new Zoho software for our mediators to use. It is a huge step towards Mediate UK going completely paperless, not only doing our small part for the environment, but also making all our documents stored more securely. Seb Ellson from SME Advantage was on hand to guide us through the new software that he had developed specifically for Mediate UK’s mediators to use.

We had a presentation from Jamie Pearson of Westminster Wealth, on topics such as pensions, financial planning for our clients and mortgages. We even managed to fit in an awards ceremony!

In between training on topics such as spousal maintenance, child arrangements and financial settlements, the key part of the day was splitting the team into smaller groups to discuss specific areas of family mediation – and our team excelled, feeding back over sixty great ideas to help take the business forward and to help our clients even more.

The day rolled into the evening where we enjoyed a Mexican meal and a chance to finally have a drink and proper catch up all together.

Family mediators conference mealManaging Director, Alistair Carter said, “It was quite emotional having everyone in the same room for the first time. This is without a doubt the best team of people I have ever worked with and to see them all finally get to meet each other in person was a really moving experience.  The conference itself, the software and the tablets were a large investment but in my opinion it was worth every penny, it makes Mediate UK a safer, greener and ultimately better business.”

Mediate UK’s Family Mediation Awards:

Mediate UK award winner Tamsin Baxter

Most Improved Family Mediator went to Tamsin Baxter FMCT. Tamsin is an accredited family mediator who we felt had grown considerably in confidence and stature and helped our clients on some extremely difficult and high conflict cases.





Mediate UK Chloe Evans awardBest Client Feedback went to Chloe Evans FMCT . Chloe is about to become a PPC and was a solicitor and volunteer at Citizens Advice.

Chloe’s empathy and understanding of clients is second to none and she regularly receives outstanding feedback – which has helped Mediate UK become the top-rated family mediation service in England & Wales.



Most Helpful Team Members went to Ian Lovatt FMCT, PPC and Jess Knauf. Ian has been with Mediate UK for almost 10 years. He is always there to answer questions for colleagues or offer support on cases. Jess works in our busy head office and her personality and kind nature means she not only helps our clients at a difficult time, but goes beyond to help our mediators and other team members as well. Both these awards were voted for by their peers.

                                                                        Mediate Uk award winner   Mediate UK award winning PPC

Mediate UK – Green Pledge

Mediate UK also took the opportunity to sign up to the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change‘s Green Pledge. As part of our commitment to this pledge, we have moved towards a completely paperless work environment. All our mediators have tablets and bluetooth pens to make notes online and we are undergoing various IT projects to reduce the amount of paperwork we need to generate on our cases. We will be 100% paperless by April 2023.

Mediate Uk conference head office discussionMediate UK conference mediatior discussion Mediate UK conference team discussionMediate UK conference networking

Mediate UK continue to strive to make the family mediation experience better for our clients. We offer fixed fee mediation and legal packages, fixed fee legal advice and family mediation from anywhere in the word online or at our network of family mediation branches throughout England & Wales....

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