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Mediate UK Conference 2024 – Embracing Change

“Progress is impossible without change”

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The Mediate UK Conference is always a key event in our company calendar. This annual event is our chance to bring together our national team, share ideas, and set the stage for the year ahead.

Commitment to Growth

As always, our commitment to growth was at the forefront of every discussion. We believe that the best change comes from growth, and it’s through embracing new ideas and perspectives that we continue to move forward. The conference is our opportunity to reinforce this belief and plan how we’ll continue to support growth in the coming year.

Embracing Change

The theme this year, “Progress is impossible without change,” proved to be quite fitting, though perhaps not entirely in the way we initially intended! An unforeseen change of plans – that could only be described as ironic – left our Founder, Ali Carter, stranded abroad due to a canceled flight. A change that was less than ideal for all of us as he is always a major contributor to the conference not to mention our keynote speaker at this year’s event.

Mediate uk conference 2024

But, in true Mediate UK fashion, the team adapted and made a plan. Jess Knauf, our Marketing Director, and Ian Lovatt, our Head of Mediation, (along with some virtual assistance from Ali in the form of video content), stepped in to bring it all together. Their combined expertise and passion ensured that the day was just as impactful and inspiring as we’d hoped.

Speakers and Announcements

Despite this hiccup, the conference was a resounding success. We owe a huge thanks to our guest speakers, Rachel Adams and Emma Kirkland from DFA Law, who offered invaluable insights into the legal aspects of our work. Their expertise and engaging presentations were enlightening and so valuable to the team. We also had the pleasure of being joined by Chloe Oudiz, The divorce and separation coach. Chloe provided a fascinating talk on the role of a divorce coach and how she works with her clients to prepare them for mediation. Her insights were eye-opening and deeply appreciated.

Mediate uk conference 2024 speakers

Each year, we focus on an innovative new project, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and leadership in our field. Last year saw the launch of our MIAM calculator, an interactive questionnaire to help clients determine if a MIAM is necessary for their situation.

This year, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our AI chatbot, the first of its kind in our industry. As pioneers, we’re always seeking innovative ways to help our clients, and this cutting-edge technology represents a significant step forward in providing immediate, accessible support.

Awards and Achievements

A highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, where our Managing Director, Belinda Atkins, acknowledged this year’s outstanding contributors. Congratulations to Rachel Poole, our Mediator of the Year; Daniel Scriven, our Business Support Team Member of the Year; and last but not least our Special Recognition Award to our Operations Manager, Rikki Bharji, who always goes above and beyond for our team.

We also took the time to celebrate our achievements this year. We were nominated for a Business Excellence Award for Best Company Culture, a testament to the positive environment we’ve cultivated. Our Founder, Ali Carter, wrote and published his first book, “Greater Expectations“, marking a significant milestone.

Congratulations to our fantastic mediators Emma Ingham and Rachel Poole for gaining their accreditation, and to Chris Yaffes (and Rachel Poole again) for becoming CIM (Child Inclusive Mediation) certified. This took a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment and we are so proud of all of you.

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In Conclusion

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our team with the addition of a new mediator Mitchell Robinson covering Essex, as well as the return of Victoria Apperley (Gloucestershire) from her sabbatical.

The day was capped off with a lovely dinner, where laughter and camaraderie filled the room. It was the perfect end to a productive and inspiring day, reminding us all of the strength and unity within our team.

Here’s to another great conference and to all the exciting changes and growth that lie ahead for Mediate UK. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Mediate uk conference 2024

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