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Mediate UK Conference 2023 – Embracing a Bright Future for Family Mediation.

The Future is Bright for Family Mediation

Mediate Uk Conference 2023 - Image 1In April this year, Mediate UK, hosted our eagerly anticipated second annual mini-conference in the vibrant town of Bracknell, near our head office.  The conference provided an excellent opportunity for our entire ‘Mediate UK Family’, including our management team, our awesome family mediators, and our amazing business support team, to get together and explore this year’s theme – “The Future is Bright for Family Mediation.”

“With the voucher scheme, for any couples discussing parenting issues, being extended for a further two years and the Government considering making family mediation compulsory in all but the most serious of cases, the future for family mediation is bright. That is why we made it the theme for our conference this year. The whole team worked together to come up with new ideas to help our clients and keep Mediate UK at the forefront of innovation within the family mediation industry.” – Ali Carter: Founder Mediate UK

Bringing the Team Together

As a company with team members located all over the country, our annual mini-conference is a much-anticipated occasion for everyone to come together. Aside from the festive Christmas party, this conference is the only time when the entire team has the chance to connect face-to-face. It allows the mediators and the business support team, who work closely online, to strengthen their relationships and develop a deeper understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

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Sharing Ideas and Discussing New Developments

The conference served as a platform for Mediate UK’s team to share their ideas and insights, as well as discuss new developments within the business of family mediation.

Various presentations, workshops, and discussions were conducted throughout the day, creating an environment of collaborative learning and professional growth. Mediators and support staff had the opportunity to delve into emerging trends, best practices, and innovative ideas within the field of family mediation, ensuring that Mediate UK remains at the forefront of our industry.

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Annual Awards

One of the most highly anticipated aspects of the Mediate UK annual mini-conference is the recognition and celebration of outstanding achievements within the team.  This part of the day honors individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, professionalism, and exceptional contributions to our business.

These awards – presented by our managing director, Belinda Atkins – not only motivate the team but also serve as a source of inspiration for others, driving the continuous improvement and growth of Mediate UK as a whole.

As always it was an incredibly challenging task to select this year’s award winners, as we truly have a unique and special team.  As we celebrate these individuals, let us also acknowledge and appreciate the collective efforts of the entire Mediate UK team.

It is the combined strength and commitment of each team member that enables us to achieve excellence in family mediation services. Together, we continue to shape a brighter future for families in need of resolution and support.

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  • Most Improved Mediator 2023 – Julia Love

Julia has shown exceptional growth, progress, and development within their role over the past year. She displays a strong work ethic and a genuine willingness to learn and improve. She always takes the initiative to tackle new challenges and has made a positive impact on both her colleagues and the organization as a whole.

  • Mediation Hero 2023 – Chris Yaffes

This award recognizes an individual who consistently demonstrates outstanding performance and achieves exceptional results in their role. Chris is someone who has shown unwavering commitment and enthusiasm in taking on any challenge that comes his way.

  • Most Improved Business Support 2023 – Leeying Cheng

Since joining our team just over a year ago, Leeying has displayed a willingness to embrace new challenges and has shown significant improvement in her capabilities and contributions to the team.

  • Business Support Hero 2023 – Anna Stevens

This final award recognizes an employee who consistently demonstrates exceptional performance and continually strives to improve the quality of their work, productivity, and overall contribution to the team. In Anna’s case, this accomplishment is even more impressive as she manages all of this as a single mom, whilst working on a part-time basis.

Congratulations to all the award winners for their outstanding achievements and contributions. Your dedication and commitment to Mediate UK have not gone unnoticed, and we are immensely proud to have you as part of our team. These awards serve as a testament to your exceptional abilities and the positive impact you have on our organization.


I think we can all agree that this was an invaluable gathering for the entire team. Beyond being a rare occasion for all members to connect face to face, the conference fostered a sense of unity, camaraderie, and collaboration.

As we look towards the future, this conference has undoubtedly laid a strong foundation for the bright path that lies ahead in family mediation. By embracing collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, Mediate UK remains committed to providing effective and compassionate resolution services to families in need, ultimately shaping a better tomorrow for all.

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