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Mediate UK Awarded Best Service Business 2022

Mediate UK awarded Best Service Business 2022

Mediate UK won the award at the prestigious BizX Awards 2022. 

They were first nominated for this award as the best service business based on their compelling story of how they reacted to the Covid crisis and their consistent 5* reviews from their clients.

Mediate UK ALI CARTER win best service business award

BizX is an annual event, hosted by action coach and attended by over 1500 business owners. Presented by Claire Balding and with a collection of world class speakers – such as Mediate UK Award winning mediation serviceChris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator and author of ‘never split the difference’ (we would probably not want to mediate with him!) – the event was aimed to honour the accomplishments, achievements, values and contributions of businesses and their owners.

In going on to win a National Business Award for the second year running, Mediate UK are getting the recognition for their duty to service for their clients; their commitment to helping people at a difficult time in their lives and responsibility to raising awareness and standards of family mediation, as one of the better alternatives to going to court.

Ali Carter, Managing Director, collected the award which was presented by Brad Sugars, one of the world’s top business coaches and interviewed live by Claire Balding.


Ali said; “This is such an honour and pleasant surprise to win this award and especially so for service. Our business coach, Simon Ellson has played a huge part in helping us grow to the 40 branches we operate from nationally.  We want our clients to reach an agreement and know we can help 90% of them do so.

I want to thank our dedicated business support team led by Belinda, our supervising PPCs, Chloe and Ian and all our family mediators. Everyone at Mediate UK goes above and beyond to help our clients.

Moreover, it is great that a family mediation service such as ours is getting recognised nationally as a great business and genuine alternative for court.”


If you are going through a divorce or separation or have a parenting issue, you can contact Mediate UK to find out how their multi award-winning service could help in your situation.

Call 24 hours per day / 7 days per week or book in a free consultation to find out more about your options before you get started.

Their number is 0330 999 0959 and their email is

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