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How you can get results through Family Mediation

How you can get results through Family Mediation

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You may have noticed it is common for people to tend to put a lot of focus on how situations can go wrong. This can even be said about how some people approach a process like family mediation. Instead of considering how it may help them; their children and their future, they sometimes expect it to fail. In this blog, we are going to try to help shift that focus and look at how you can get results through Family Mediation – highlighting why family mediation is often the preferred solution of those who work in family law.

As a top-rated family mediation service, Mediate UK firmly believe in the value of family mediation as the preferred avenue for resolving disputes that arise as part of your divorce or separation. Simply put, we know it works in 90% of cases.

This approach aligns with the courts’ and governments’ endorsement of family mediation, due to its effectiveness in promoting communication, preserving relationships, and prioritising the best interests of all parties involved.

In our Ultimate Guide to Family Mediation we explain the different areas encompassed in this process, namely child-related disputes, division of property and financial matters in the context of a divorce or separation.  Let’s go ahead and delve into why family mediation is such a helpful tool in helping separating couples reach a fair outcome.

Resolving Child Arrangement Disputes

Child arrangement disputes can be emotionally charged and can have a significant impact on the well-being and future happiness of the children. In such cases, family mediation provides a supportive and child-focused conversation, where parents can focus on their children’s well-being.

Father and ChildFamily mediation helps parents understand each other’s concerns, facilitates constructive communication, and assists in developing parenting plans that are tailored to the unique needs of the children and wider family.

Co-parenting after separation or divorce requires effective communication and cooperation between parents. However, challenges can arise due to conflicting parenting styles or unresolved issues from the past. Family mediation offers a structured process for parents to discuss their concerns, express their perspectives, and find mutually beneficial solutions, promoting stability and a sense of security for the children.

Through open dialogue and the guidance of a family mediator, parents can develop effective co-parenting strategies, set clear boundaries, and establish channels of communication. Mediation supports healthy relationships between parents, reducing stress and promoting the children’s overall well-being. If done right this process will offer a solid foundation for future problem-solving as the children get older.

To assist parents in this, the Government have allocated £500 in vouchers to couples to discuss child arrangements through family mediation. Mediate UK are signed up to this voucher scheme and we can give you more information on this, and how to agree a great parenting plan by calling us on 0330 999 0959 or booking a free 15-minute consultation.

Resolving Financial Disputes

Financial disputes often arise in divorce or separation cases, including disagreements over spousal support, asset division and allocation of any debts.  The goal in family mediation is to promote financial stability, minimise conflicts, and ensure the well-being of all parties is considered.

Family mediation offers a structured process for couples to address these financial matters amicably. With the assistance of a family mediator, couples can engage in constructive dialogue, exchange financial information and explore various options for resolving financial disputes.

Mediation allows for a flexible and tailored approach to financial negotiations, enabling couples to find mutually beneficial solutions that address their individual financial needs and priorities. By avoiding the adversarial nature of litigation, family mediation promotes a cooperative atmosphere, preserves financial resources, leaving more in the pot for you both, and can even help foster a more positive post-separation relationship.

Equitable Property Division

Property ownerDuring a divorce or separation, the division of property can be a complex and contentious issue. Agreeing what to do with the family home, can be an emotional decision. Family mediation provides a constructive framework for couples to discuss and negotiate property division in a fair and equitable manner.

A skilled family mediator will help a couple identify and understand their respective interests and priorities, facilitating open and transparent discussions. By exploring creative solutions and considering each party’s needs and contributions, family mediation can lead to mutually acceptable property settlement agreements. For example, the mediator may take you through the 10 options on what to do with the former marital home.

Click HERE to read some case study examples of where family mediation has helped in a difficult situation.


Family mediation is not only the court and the government’s preferred form of dispute resolution, but it also offers a collaborative and solution-oriented approach that empowers couples to make informed decisions and reach agreements that are fair, sustainable, and aligned with their specific circumstances.

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