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How can you resolve your Parenting or Financial issues during the Covid-19 Outbreak?

Online mediation in the UK

When I set up Mediate UK 10-years ago, I don’t think I could ever have imagined our country being in a situation like this.

This week, I took the difficult decision to cease any face-to-face mediation appointments. I want to play our small part in reducing contact between people at this time and I want to protect the health of our clients and mediators as much as I can.

Since 2016 Mediate UK have been pioneers of online mediation in the UK. Some of our online services include:

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It takes a little getting used to doing a joint mediation appointment online. We use the platform Zoom – which is popular across the industry for such meetings. But there are some differences to consider.

Firstly, whomever is talking appears on the main screen. This means that talking over people doesn’t work very well and the mediators sometimes need to mute one party to allow parity during the session. This isn’t being rude – it just helps the flow of the meeting.

Financial disclosure can still be swapped online and the figures are still written up on a whiteboard and agreed with both of you before looking at how they should be divided up.

It is useful to have a separate room you can use (even if you live together) to hold the joint meetings and you need to make sure your children cannot overhear you. Some people choose to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the room and front door to avoid interruptions.

Once agreement is reached, it can be made legally binding through one of our fixed fee packages and don’t forget we also offer fixed fee legal advice from one of the UK’s top family law solicitors – so you can bring a written report to your online mediation meeting of what you should be asking for.

And given the current situation, every aspect of your divorce or separation can be completed online, from the comfort of your own home and for a fixed fee.

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Our services are available throughout England & Wales.

Please keep safe and if you feel we can help, we have a team of excellent family mediators who are very keen to move your situation forward at these difficult times.

Ali Carter

Managing Director

Mediate UK

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