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How can I find the best divorce mediation near me?

When looking for a divorce mediation service, the best place to start is with a personal recommendation from someone you trust, who has previously used the mediator and they have had a really good experience.

But you may not know someone such as this, so here we answer the important question:

“How do I choose the best Divorce Mediation Service near me?”

Here are our Top 11 tips to finding the best mediator:


1. Start by researching on Google. Find out if there is a family mediation service near me with a local office – if you wish to do face-to-face mediation.  If you prefer holding sessions online, you can choose any mediation service within England & Wales. Location will be less of an issue with online mediation.

2. Does their website seem professional? Do they have updated social media entries, a top rated family mediation blog and lots of relevant information. Do they have testimonials and reviews? Is it a secure website (with a padlock next to the name). All these things can increase your confidence in the mediation company and the service they will provide.

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3. Are they a one-person band or a larger mediation business? Many family mediators are small operations and are great family mediators – but what if they are ill or go away or retire? If you don’t get on with your mediator can you easily swap to another mediator within the same service, without having to start the whole process over again?

4. How many years have they been in business – experience does not always mean quality but can be a factor to consider, especially if they have been operating for fewer than five years or just recently set up.

5. Are the mediators registered with the Family Mediation Council and are they a member of a governing body? They will need to be a member of one of the five governing bodies to be able to operate as a family mediator.

National Family Mediation  The Law Society  Resolution  Family Mediators Association  College of Mediators

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6. Do they offer a free introductory conversation? It can be important to find out more about the mediation service and what they provide and answer any questions you may have.

7. Do they offer any other services, such as making the agreement reached through mediation legally binding? Or do you need to pay extra through different solicitors do to this?

8. If mediation breaks down can they help with any other solutions, such as an independent barrister review?

9. How much do they charge for a MIAM, for a Joint Mediation Session and for any subsequent paperwork. Mediation costs can vary substantially and a low cost MIAM does not always mean joint sessions will be cheaper. If you are eligible for legal aid, do they offer this service? And do they offer any fixed fee packages?

10. What are other people saying about them? Do they have independently verified reviews on Google,, Trustpilot or similar?

11. How soon can they book you in? Do they offer a superfast same day or next day MIAM service for when you just need to go to court? What are their waiting times and mediator availability like. Some services will only be able to book you in for several weeks in advance, so it is always worth checking before you commit.

When you go to court, you have no say over who the judge will be, who is making decisions regarding your parenting or financial futures. With family mediation, you are taking control of the situation and of the outcome. You can therefore choose which mediator to use and it is important you find one you feel comfortable with – to give the process the best possible chance of working and keeping you out of court.

Mediate UK are the top-rated family mediation service in the UK. We operate from 14 branches nationally and from anywhere in the world online.

Our promise: If for any reason you do not bond with your family mediator, we will transfer your case to another family mediator within our service for free and you do not need to start the process from scratch again.

Mediate UK are the top-rated family mediation service and amicable divorce specialists in England & Wales

We are experts in helping people achieve a fair agreement on their parenting, property and financial arrangements.

Call us on 0330 999 0959 or email to book in an Urgent MIAM from £199. 

You can speak to someone 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.

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