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    Fixed Fee Family Mediation Packages

    Urgent MIAM

    For when you want to start the court process and mediation simultaneously. Used for either child arrangements or property & finance matters

    Outcome:Mediation starts; signed C100 and/or Form A

    Mediated Child Arrangements Plan

    Initial meeting and we then invite the other party to mediation.

    Outcome:Fully child arrangements plan
    Per person per hour

    Child Inclusive Mediation

    We invite your children to speak with a specially trained mediator.

    With their permission we feedback their views in a 30-minute meeting.

    per parent

    Child Arrangements Order

    Solicitor drafts your child arrangements plan into a consent order and completes Form C100. Submits to court and deals with Cafcass inquiries.

    Outcome:Your child arrangements plan made legally binding by consent
    Per person. (HMCTS Court Fees £232)

    Kids Come First

    Two hour parenting session via skype with a neutral parenting expert to discuss your parenting concerns.

    Outcome:Better communication and joined-up thinking for the children, enhanced co-parenting.

    Child Law Advice

    Charity that has a huge legal resource on all matters of child law

    Outcome:Better understanding of your legal position
    legal advice on phone

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