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    Fixed Fee Family Mediation Packages

    Urgent MIAM

    For when you want to start the court process and mediation simultaneously. Used for either child arrangements or property & finance matters

    Outcome:Mediation starts; signed C100 and/or Form A

    Mediated Child Arrangements Plan

    Initial meeting and we then invite the other party to mediation.

    Outcome:Fully child arrangements plan
    Per person per hour

    Child Inclusive Mediation

    We invite your children to speak with a specially trained mediator.

    With their permission we feedback their views in a 30-minute meeting.

    per parent

    Child Arrangements Order

    Solicitor drafts your child arrangements plan into a consent order and completes Form C100. Submits to court and deals with Cafcass inquiries.

    Outcome:Your child arrangements plan made legally binding by consent
    Per person. (HMCTS Court Fees £232)

    Kids Come First

    Two hour parenting session via skype with a neutral parenting expert to discuss your parenting concerns.

    Outcome:Better communication and joined-up thinking for the children, enhanced co-parenting.

    Child Law Advice

    Charity that has a huge legal resource on all matters of child law

    Outcome:Better understanding of your legal position
    legal advice on phone

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    How can Mediation Help?

    We can help resolve your Financial, Property or Parenting issues, amicably, cost effectively and fairly.
    Contact us to find out more about why mediation can help your case. 0330 999 0959 or email admin@mediateuk.co.uk.