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What is Divorce Negotiation

Available throughout England & Wales – Divorce Negotiation is different from family mediation, but the process is similar. It is suitable for couples who have an agreement in principal that they want to have sense-checked by a neutral third party – without having to instruct separate solicitors.

Negotiation can also be used for a barrister review instruction, where you are far apart in your agreement but don’t want to go to court or mediation to resolve the issue. A barrister, who is an expert in family law, will draft a report of what the law is, how it applies to your case and what a court is likely to order.

Negotiation can be used for a full divorce, a legally binding financial consent order or a separation agreement if you are not married or do not want to divorce yet.

Divorce Negotiation does not replace the legal requirements of a MIAM and you may feel it helpful to have legal advice prior to the meeting. Negotiation is not a regulated, legal process like family mediation but it can help to streamline cases where you are at or close to an agreement on the financial and parenting issues. Get your full divorce agreed in just 90-minutes.

When Should I Consider Divorce Negotiation?

  • We have an agreement that we are both happy with
  • We want an independent expert to sense check and finalise our agreement
  • We want to check we have covered everything the court will want us to have considered
  • We want to show the court we have used an independent expert to process our order so it is more likely to be accepted
  • We want our agreement drafted into a working document and financial statement for court
  • We want a solicitor to draft our agreement into a legally binding one
  • We want a solicitor to deal with the court on our behalf
  • We don’t want a solicitor to undo our agreement or cause extra expense or friction

How does Divorce Negotiation work?

If both of you are happy to proceed with negotiation, we book you in for a 90-minute meeting with our divorce expert. Prior to the meeting we ask you to complete your financial disclosure and a client form, detailing your agreement to date and any parenting arrangements you may have.

The divorce expert will prepare a plan for the meeting and go through your disclosure, the division of assets, any ongoing payments between you, who will divorce and the grounds to be used and your parenting arrangements if necessary.

At the end of 90-minutes you will have your divorce or separation agreed and we will then draft a memorandum of understanding and a financial statement and/or parenting plan. We can also draft a parenting plan where required. Once you are happy we instruct a solicitor to process the divorce, consent order or separation agreement for you both. In divorce cases you will have a separate solicitor each to manage the divorce to decree absolute.

Negotiation or

If you have issues still to be resolved then mediation is probably the best route for you.  Negotiation streamlines the process, ensures the agreement you have reached is viable, would be acceptable to the courts and we check you have considered everything the court will want you to have considered. Of course, if you have a dispute over one or two minor issues we can use our expertise to help you negotiate an agreement.

If negotiation breaks down – you would still have to attend a MIAM in order to go to court. 98% of clients who come to negotiation continue with the process and finalise their agreements.

Divorce Negotiation Consent Order – Explainer Video

Next Steps

For most negotiation cases we would speak to you prior to booking your appointment in order to ensure it is the right service for you. The best way to do this is to book a free 30- minute consultation, which you can do here

Negotiation Packages

Expert Package
Expert Package +
Consent Package
Separation Package
Barrister Package
Consent Order Add-ons
Finances All Issues Finances only All Issues Parenting or Finances Finances only
Cost per Person £799 £849 £599 £599 £999 £399
Full financial disclosure
Initial 90 minute Meeting
Memorandum of Understanding

Parenting Plan
Financial Statement
Solicitor Managed Divorce – Petitioner
Solicitor Managed Divorce – Respondent
Solicitor drafted Consent Order
Consent order Submitted to court
All correspondence with the court
Barrister Report on your issues
Second 90-minute meeting
Not Included
HMCTS Court Fees Divorce – £296pp x x x
HMTCTS Court Fees Consent order – £26.50pp x x
Total Per Person with Court Fees £1,095 £1,145 £625.50 £599 £1,295 £425.50

Your Divorce Negotiators

Ali Carter

Ali is the managing director of Divorce Ltd and has over 10 years’ experience of helping clients divorce or separate amicably, either as a mediator or divorce negotiator.

Ali has great feedback from clients for his mild approach and focus on getting to a fair agreement for both parties.

Emma Ingham

Emma was a family law solicitor in her native Cardiff for 10 years, before she moved to Berkshire to start a family. Emma is also a family mediator for Mediate UK and her calm and professional manner is perfect for helping clients through divorce negotiation.

Emma’s family law background and experience of helping clients going through a divorce is perfect for clients wishing to finalise their financial or parenting consent order.


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