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What is a consent order?

If you have processed your divorce to decree nisi through a solicitor, yourselves or an internet company and have agreed the financial arrangements, you may want a solicitor to draft this agreement into a consent order. A consent order not only makes what you have agreed legally binding, it also stops any future claims that could arise years after your divorce is finalised.

A high street solicitor would charge upwards of £1500 for a consent order.

If you wish, you can purchase a solicitor drafted clean-break consent order with any of our divorce packages for £499 per person.

Our solicitors then draft the document into a legally binding consent order for you both to check and sign and then they will submit this to the court.

There are HMCTS court fees of £50 to process a consent order.

Divorce Expert

If you do not need mediation for your consent order, you might like to consider our Divorce Expert Consent Order package for just £799pp.

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