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31 July

11 Ways to Reach a Divorce Financial Settlement

11 Ways to Agree a Financial Settlement on Divorce Agreeing your divorce financial settlement can be difficult, stressful and ultimately very costly....
By Ali Carter in Finance
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6 August
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23 August

What is a Mesher Order? (And should I get one?)

Mesher Orders – Should I get one?  When marriages breakdown and couples divorce, there are a number of important financial matters to...
By Ali Carter in Property
couple moving house holding boxes on divorce
17 March

Who gets the house in a divorce UK?

Who gets the house in a divorce UK? Working out where you and your children will be living, when you go through...
By Ali Carter in Property
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10 February

5 Stages of the Grief Cycle in Divorce

What are the 5 stages of the grief cycle in divorce? The grief cycle in divorce refers to the stages that individuals...
By Ali Carter in Divorce
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2 March

Guide to the new Form D81

A Guide to the new Form D81 What is a Form D81? Form D81 is a form used in family law proceedings...
By Ali Carter in Divorce
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17 May

6 Steps to Take if You are Denied Access to Your Children

  Sorting out Child Arrangements when you Cannot see your Children If you are in a situation where you have been unable...
By Ali Carter in Child Arrangements
Parenting Plan - dad carrying daughter on his shoulders
26 October

12 things you should include when agreeing a parenting plan

What is a parenting plan? A parenting plan is an agreement you and the other person (or people) with parental responsibility put...
By Ali Carter in Child Arrangements
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11 September
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20 April
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16 May
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9 May
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2 May
Illustration of a man and woman splitting up depicting divorce
23 April
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16 April
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11 April
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3 April
Divorce or separation pie chart
28 March
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20 March
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14 March