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    22 Top Tips from Experienced Family Law Solicitors

    22 Insightful Tips From 7 Experienced Solicitors

    Going through a divorce or separation can be difficult, stressful and costly. Mediate UK are specialists in amicable divorces – helping couples reach an agreement on the parenting or financial aspects of their divorce or separation.

    We understand the importance of good legal advice and using experienced family law solicitors who will not try to cause unnecessary angst or prolong disputes in your case.

    We decided to ask seven top solicitor firms from across the UK, what their tips are on keeping matters amicable in your divorce or separation and keeping costs low.

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    Top Tip One

    Emma Kirkland, DFA Law

    ….DFA Law has been advising clients in Northamptonshire, and across the region, for over 180 years.

    “Be completely honest with your solicitor – we can only help clients as far as we know the situation. Try to work as a team with your solicitor.”

    Top tip two

    Ben Evans, Co-op Legal Services

    ….fixed fee legal services for divorce, separation, finance and child custody matters.

    “My top tip would be for individuals not to rush into decisions. People are often triggered to react instantly to information, especially at a time that is already emotionally charged. By taking a step back, digesting the information received and taking the time to think

    logically about the next steps, they can achieve two key things.

    • Firstly, they can start to absorb things in their own time.
    • Secondly, they are not taking steps that can easily aggravate the situation. There’s a reason why people are told to sleep on it, this means that they can take control of the next steps.

    By doing this it is possible for people to move forwards on their own terms and at their own pace.”

    Top tip three

    Sabina Smith, Wollens

    ….the law firm that thinks in full colour. But keeps things black & white.

    Try to let go of grievances from the past and instead look forward to focus on your future. There is life after divorce!”

    Top tip four

    Karen Wilson, Tinsdill Solicitors

    ….over 20 years of experience in providing the best family legal advice for our clients.

    “The top tip that always springs to my mind is Communication and Respect. It is so important, where possible, to keep channels of communication open between parties no matter how difficult – especially if there are children involved. This is not always achievable I appreciate, but wherever possible, couples should try.”

    Top tip five

    Aimee Aspinall, Tozers

    …..we’re Tozers, thoughtful legal partners for a changing world.

     “When considering a divorce, it’s important to consider your children before making a final decision. Continuing the open communication, it is important to discuss how children will be affected and how you can support them during the process, such as considering how attached your children are to each parent, how much conflict children witness at home is important to think about, and how a divorce would impact your children’s economic stability in the short and long term.”

    Top tip six

    Chloe Rodway, Southgate Solicitors

    …an award-winning divorce and family law specialist firm based in London. We represent clients all over the UK and around the world.

    Chloe kindly provided 17 top tips for you!Children pulling faces

    • Take into consideration that separating from your spouse has a detrimental effect on everybody involved, including any children you have.
    • Make sure you check in with your friends, family and wider support network.
    • Do not rush into things and always go at your own pace.
    • Remember that it is a difficult time for both of you.
    • Going through a divorce is one of the toughest life events.
    • Make sure you speak to a solicitor who you will be able to relate to and will understand what you are going through.
    • You cannot both end the marriage and be entirely happy with any settlement reached, so do try and be flexible on any agreements, but always obtain legal advice if you are unsure.
    • Try to commit to a collaborative process.
    • Be humble, reasonable and sensitive.
    • Be flexible for the sake of any children.
    • Do not fire off aggressive texts / messages / emails – sometimes, sleep on the message and re-read with a fresh head in the morning.
    • It is normal to struggle and be emotional – get support where you can.
    • Listen to your spouse.
    • Focus on the bigger picture and the future.
    • Attempt to be as positive as you can be in the situation – although, easier said than done!
    • Try to let go of any grievances you hold.
    • Collect all important information you need and try to be level-headed.

    Top tip seven

    Kelly Walters, Consilia Legal  

    ….our award-winning family law team are highly ranked as one of the best family, child and divorce solicitors in Leeds, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. 

    “I think my top tip from family lawyers is for the clients to always be open and honest.”


    So there they are! 22 top tips direct from the mouths of experienced family law solicitors. If you see any tips you like, you can go direct to the relevant solicitors website using the links above, just click on the name.

    If you want to find out how Mediate UK work with solicitors to help you reach an agreement on your parenting, property or financial disputes, then you can book in a free 15 minute call with us below.

    Thank you to our 7 amazing solicitor firms for helping clients through their divorce or separation. We wish you all the best with your own divorce or separation. 

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