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    Family Mediation

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    Fully Mediated Parenting Plans
    All agreements can be made legally binding in a Child Arrangements Order by consent.

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    Going straight to court? Our urgent MIAMs can be set up within 24 hours.

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    We help you agree the financial disclosure, how to fairly divide your assets and agree any ongoing payments.

    Legal Services

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    We can manage your full divorce from start to finish.

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    Our solicitors draft a legally binding, clean break consent order.

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    Our solicitors draft your agreement into a separation agreement which you sign and witness.

    Special Services

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    Fixed Fee legal advice packages with our experienced family law solicitor.

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    90-minute fast track meeting to finalise and sense-check your agreement.

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    Instruct an independent barrister to tell you what would be a likely outcome at court on your case.


    We average a 4.80 out of 5.0 star rating – we are committed to your case and to helping you reach agreement


    Since 2010 we have helped over 6000 clients with our professional mediation service. We can help with your case too


    Last year we helped 90% of clients reach an agreement through our progressive mediation process

    Why Choose
    Mediate UK?
    • Average cost of a divorce in the UK is £14,651. We will keep more money in your pocket.
    • We are the top-rated family mediation service in the UK. We will use all our experience to help you.
    • Your agreement can be made legally binding through us – and for a fixed fee
    • 90% of our clients go on to reach an agreement – the national average is just 74%

    You also get

    • Excellent and realistic legal advice on your case at a fixed fee
    • All our family mediation fees are fixed from £130 per person per hour – You don’t need to prove income or pay more for out of hours appointments
    • Fully Regulated & Insured Family Mediation Service. Many amicable divorce services are unfortunately unregulated.
    • We are a multi award-winning Family Mediation Service (UK Business Awards 2021 /BizX 2022)

    Your Guarantee

    If you are not happy with your family mediator after your MIAM, we will offer you a free MIAM with a different mediator. No quibble. No fuss. Your 100% guarantee. Book Now with confidence.

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    We help over 90% of clients reach an agreement through our tried and tested progressive mediation method.

    Your mediation sessions – which can all be held online – follow a tried and tested method of dispute resolution to help you reach an agreement. It works in 9 out of 10 cases.

    Progressive mediation is a method of family mediation that promotes a focus from both parties to reach an agreement, reducing the number of mediation sessions you may need and ultimately reducing friction between those involved.

    We know family mediation works in most situations because we have successfully helped over 6000 clients to date. Mediation can save you time, money and stress. Divorce or separation is hard, but reaching an agreement shouldn’t be. Get in touch today to find out how we can help with your specific situation.

    The Mediate UK Blog

    Our Family Law Blog & Ultimate Guides have over 30,000 visits each month!

    Man walking carrying black suitcase
    Will it look bad if I refuse to go to Mediation?

    Mediation is always a voluntary process, although the courts can and will look at the conduct of both parties before and during the court proceedings. An important part of this conduct is showing you have acted reasonably and attempted alternate forms of dispute resolution, such as family mediation and followed court protocols.

    piggy bank savings
    The Ultimate Guide to Spousal Maintenance

    If there is one subject that causes the most controversy in agreeing financial arrangements as part of a divorce, it is perhaps the matter of spousal maintenance. And there is a lot of confusion around when it should be considered; how much should be paid and for how long. In addition to this the advice given by solicitors can vary remarkably on this subject.

    The Ultimate Guide to a Financial Consent Order
    The Ultimate Guide to a Financial Consent Order

    A financial consent order is a legal order made by the court. It makes the financial agreement that you have already reached legally binding for you both. This order may lay out what will happen to your property, pensions or other assets when you divorce. It can also detail how any ongoing payments may work between you…

    The Ultimate Guide to Completing a C100 Form
    The Ultimate Guide to Completing a C100 Form

    This guide has been completed in collaboration with our family law solicitors and our accredited family mediators to help you complete a Form C100. It includes example pages of a completed C100 application and takes you through each section you need to submit your C100 form to court…

    The Ultimate Guide to Child Arrangements
    The Ultimate Guide to Child Arrangements

    t is a key principle of family law that, in most situations, a child’s best interests are served by maintaining a good, close and loving relationship with both sets of parents following a divorce or separation. Simply put, children of separated parents have a right to be able to spend time with both parents. It is important for the children that parents agree…

    House, Piggy bank, floorplans, magnifying glass
    The Ultimate Guide to Financial Settlement on Divorce

    You may have noticed that Mediate UK’s tag line is “Find Your Future.” This is because our service is all about helping our clients agree a fair financial settlement on divorce or separation that puts the needs of any dependent children first whilst focusing on both your future needs.

    Mediators Joint meeting
     8 Tips You Need to Know about Family Mediation – by Family Mediators

    Family Mediation can help you resolve your issues on parenting, property and finance when you are going through a divorce or separation. But many people do not know what to expect from separation or divorce mediation and there is still confusion on what Family Mediation in the UK actually entails. Here we provide our 8 tips on mediation for divorce…

    Can I change the locks when my ex moves out?

    The scenario is a common one. Your ex has moved out of the house but they believe it is ok to still come and go as they please. They may still have possessions at the house that they want access to, or they will turn up unannounced to see the children. Sometimes if they still have a key…

    The Ultimate Guide to Attending a MIAM
    The Ultimate Guide to Attending a MIAM

    If you are going through a divorce or separation and you have issues that need to be resolved on your parenting arrangements, financial agreement or property matters you will probably find yourself needing to attend a MIAM (Mediation information and assessment meeting…

    MIAM Certificate on a laptop screen
    15 Exemptions to Attending a MIAM

    Since April 2014 it has been compulsory to at least consider Family Mediation by way of attending a MIAM meeting. A MIAM stands for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. An accredited family mediator will explain what mediation involves and will decide if your case is suitable for mediation…

    Grandparents holding grandchildren
    The Ultimate Guide to Grandparent Rights in the UK

    Grandparents can find themselves ostracised and left very much on the outside of the family, when their children get a divorce or their relationship falls apart and there are grandchildren involved. When this happens, not many grandparents know their options. Take a look at the ultimate guide to grandparent rights below to answer all your questions…

    Parenting Plan - dad carrying daughter on his shoulders
    12 things you should include when agreeing a parenting plan

    A parenting plan is an agreement you and the other person (or people) with parental responsibility put together when you are living separately. You don’t have to have a parenting plan in place but many separated parents find it helpful to have some agreement to fall back on should issues arise and to align their hopes for their children…

    Mediate UK Logo
    Could You Become A Family Mediator in 2022?

    Do you fancy a career change in 2021? Due to an exciting expansion project, Mediate UK are now looking for Self-Employed Family Mediators to join our busy and progressive Family Mediation Service. Are you considering a new career as a Family Mediator? Or maybe you are an existing mediator looking…

    Chloe Evans
    How can I find the best divorce mediation near me?

    When looking for a divorce mediation service, the best place to start is with a personal recommendation from someone you trust, who has previously used the mediator and they have had a really good experience. But you may not know someone such as this, so here we answer the important…

    Is mediation legally binding?

    Is a mediation agreement legally binding? The mediation agreement itself is not legally binding. If you both agree you can have the agreements you made into a legally binding order. A question that is sometimes asked is “what is the point of family mediation if the outcome is not legally…

    Ali Carter
    Ali Carter

    I founded the company in 2010 following my own difficult divorce and I knew there must be a better way to manage a separation or divorce. Over 6000 clients later we have a tried and tested method of family mediation and we would love to help you find your future today.

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    Our team are committed to trying to help clients at what can be a very difficult time in their lives. Our numbers have grown from just 1 person in 2011 to 20 people – all working towards the goal of helping you find your future.

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    Belinda Atkins

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    Danielle is responsible for our HR department. She has a degree in psychology.

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